måndag 12 mars 2012


I recently discovered this cute little widget!

I love it! It's just fun to know how many meters of yarn I knit for a year. It will be interesting to see what it says in December. 

Create your own here! You simply add each of your projects and then as you knit or in the end of the project you add how many meters you've knit. Simple. And fun. And then there's instructions for you to add it to your blog, website, Ravelry etc.

I must admit I don't add the actual meters I've knit and then had to rip and reknit but that's just me. I feel as if it doesn't count somehow. I messed up therefor it doesn't count. Whish I was that strict in some other parts of my life (like cleaning, erhm...if I clean just half a room then I feel I have cleaned and therefore is done, haha).

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