måndag 19 mars 2012


I'm a big fan of Knit Pro's needles and the interchangable needletips and cables. But recently I've had some misfortune with a couple of items. Two needletips have broken at the part where the wood is connected to the metal part. I've had problems before with needles where the glue gives in and the metal part falls off but now I've had some clean breaks. It really sucks because I love theese needles and they are expensive (with my economy) to replace. Both of them have been the new cubix needles and considering this has never happened to me before I'm starting to wonder if they are somehow weaker or if I'm just really unlucky. Today I had both a needlebreak AND a cable break. Both during knitting. The plastic cable broke. It's just not my day today.

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  1. Reklamera! Så där ska det inte vara. Går stickorna av med mindre än att du sätter dig på dem tycker jag att du skall klaga hos den du köpt dem hos och få nya.