onsdag 18 april 2012


How cute is this little guy? He followed me to my car and sat there patiently waiting for me (no, not really, I think he just happened to be there when I got back). Curious little thing. He really hates car-rides but apparently exploring a car when it's not in motion is very exiting. 

Do I need to add that there are paw prints all over the roof of my car?

Trial and error

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Veera's designs. The Color Affection shawl has been in my queue for some time now. But I found it difficult to decide what yarns/colors to use. This was my first attempt:

It's a crappy photo taken with my phone but it will have to do. I've ripped it now anyway, changing the purple yarn to a greyish purple solid yarn with a bit of silk in it. I think the contrastsing colors is the best part of this pattern and the variegated purple yarn just doesnt make the cut. Unfortunately I managed to knit the entire 2nd section of the patteren before I realised this. But whatever, if I'm going to wear this I need to like it and 
at least reknitting it makes my yarn stash last a little longer.

Oh and I also knit the entire first section on 4mm needles before changing my mind, ripping and reknitting on 4.5mm's. Yeay!