torsdag 23 februari 2012

Yarn diet

My economy isn't the best this year so I'm on a strict yarn-diet. It doesn't exactly help that my car seems to have new problems each week, meaning even less money for yarn.
So far I've only bought 4 balls of yarn this year. That's extreme for me. It's good though, it means I've mainly  been knitting from my stash. I've managed to get 2 cardigans, a couple of scarfs and mitts from it so far. 


I can't help browsing for yarn.
Etsy is wonderful, one of my favourite shops is Juno Fibre Arts. Their yarn is supersoft and the colours are lovely. I once ordered some yarns that wasn't in order and the owner dyed them up for me really quickly! Great customer service!

Pic borrowed from Juno Fiber Arts etsy shop

Etsy is also a very good source for buttons. And other crafrelated stuff. There's some really interesting clothes designers there too!
Other places I like to shop are and Ravelry in peoples private destashes. Sometimes there are great bargains to be found!

Speaking of destashing, I need to go through some of my stash, there's a lot of yarn I don't really need, the colours just aren't Nobiantaryish enough. Perfectly fine yarn and beautiful but it's such a waste having them lying around in plastic containers and never being knit. I'm going to wait a couple of weeks for the sun to stay up long enough for me to manage to get some descent photos but then they'll be up on my Ravelry stash/trade page. I'll let you know!

lördag 4 februari 2012


Brevduva = Carrier Pigeon

I'm currently working on a gift for a friend. I think I'll pass on this mailbox though, and send it trough the usual mail. Probably more secure. It would have been great if we used birds instead of planes/trucks/whatever to send our mail. Imagine the joy of a bird outside your window, brining you a letter on it's back! 

Considering I've got two very kill-happy cat's it probably wouldn't be such a great idea after all. I once woke up to the sounds of my cat trying to kill a bird under my bed! There were feathers everywhere. In the middle of the night. Not great. But the bird lived and spent the rest of the night on our balcony sans cats.